(Biotechnological Marvel)

Composition: Organic iron, Choline, Zinc, Amino nitrogen, Proteonates and Polysaccharides in fortified base.

Indications: To maintain & regulate erythropoetic system, to stimulate & maintain haemoglobin level, to correct blood chemistry, to correct liver dysfunction and for better weight gain and FCR

Dosage: Feed Supplement- 500gm/ton feed regularly. 1-2 kg/ton feed during production slump. Liquid- Chicks- 5 ml/100 chicks for 5-7days Growers/Broilers- 10 ml/100 birds for 5-7 days Layers/Breeders- 20 ml/100 birds for 5-7 days or as recommended by the Veterinarian.

Presentation: 20Kg Bags