Chairman’s Corner

The Livestock and agriculture sector’s in India are under tremendous pressure to continuously produce more healthy food and food items of acceptable quality in large quantities, both economically and efficiently for its ever increasing population, it’s a huge challenge for our scientists and farmers, but the changes in climate, repeated droughts and floods, are against this situation and constantly support the growth of a variety of fungi, that go on to produce a number of mycotoxins, both in the field and storage types.

In the recent past more than 500 variety of mycotoxins have been identified, only few (less than 10) are regularly tested, hundred’s of products are marketed with tall claims like total protection from toxins and products are available as anti toxin, mold inhibitors, toxin binders, toxin destroyers etc., many of these do not give the desired results.

It is very well documented that mycotoxins in the feed are responsible for poor performance, immune-suppression, higher than normal mortalities, a variety of diseases and their complications, failure of the vaccines and medicines used. At Vesper we recognized this phenomenon several years ago, and brought out products to counter the ill effects of the mycotoxin contamination of feeds and feed ingredients.

Toxol was developed to protect the Liver and its function, repair and regeneration of the tissue and to minimize the deleterious effects of the mycotoxins. Thus Increasing performance in broilers and layers.

Mycostat  was formulated to check the growth of fungi and subsequent toxin production in the feeds, it contains adsorbents and supports the liver, kidneys and GI tract functions.

Immolyte and CMI plus were produced keeping in view the deleterious effects of multiple mycotoixins on the immune system and the failure of the birds defense mechanism to protect it from diseases and ailments that prevent the birds to perform to their genetic potential.

What is important today, keeping in view the above stated situations, is to support the birds, the breeders, the layer and the broilers to perform  best under changing climatic conditions, existing market scenario and the presence of the mycotoxins in their feeds.

We and our result oriented, well researched products are with you for the protection of your interest and the bird’s welfare.